Security Solutions



ROTM High Security Division deploys guards, agents, task force officers and special operators to protect our client's infrastructure by providing

Physical Security, Armed Patrols, Workplace Violence Prevention, Force Protection, Special Operations, Access Control with Visitor Processing Center Management and Electronic Security as well as Remote Surveillance Systems.

ROTM's leadership team and dedicated security professionals have the experience and skills to manage and resolve critical security situations at any level including uncommon emergencies. Our main objective is to deliver the highest degree of dignity and respect as we work diligently to exceed our client's expectations.

We are currently providing Unarmed/Armed Security Services and Patrol Services to Federal, State and Private Sector customers.


ROTM Protective Operations Division provides high profile personal protection services and resources. Utilizing customized Executive and Dignitary Protection Programs based on threat assessment and risk analysis results, ROTM identifies the level of protection needed for each protectee in our protective security spectrum. This division consists of highly trained EP professionals with different backgrounds ranging from the U.S. military special operations forces, law enforcement and intelligence community at federal and state levels. The ROTM Executive Protection Division manages all our clients with utmost confidentiality displaying the highest level of secrecy, diplomacy and responsibility while keeping our at-risk clients in a safe and productive environment.


ROTM Secure Transportation Division specialized capabilities extends and supports the Executive Protection Division efforts with ground security

transportation to VIPs, Dignitaries and High-Level Corporate Executives. This division also serves other operations such as U.S. Prisoners Transport, Staff & Crew Transportation and Armored Services. Our transportation along with logistics services also include Destination Planning, Route Security Surveys, Emergency Extraction & Recovery and Transfer Services. Our Certified Security Drivers (CSD) are fully licensed and comply with all state and federal requirements in advanced tactical driving and convoy operations. All our vehicles are equipped with mobile communication, emergency lights with siren, vehicle tracking systems, trauma kits plus additional security devices.


ROTM provides Armed/Unarmed Security Personnel and Access Control Management for Visitor Processing Center projects to protect Critical

Infrastructure, Properties, Personnel, Operations and Data. We provide 24/7 (including legal public holidays) Gate Access Security and Patrol Services to Federal & State Governments, NGO's and Multinational Corporations nationwide.

At ROTM, our Professional Security Officers (PSO) perform: Access Control at selected facilities, on foot and patrol vehicle responsibilities, and

onsite monitoring when requested. Our PSO's are professionally trained inhouse by former members of our local and federal agencies such as the US Department of Justice (DOJ), US Department of State, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

We specialize in Homeland Security, Anti-terrorism and Active Shooter Response trainings. Other training topics include: Dignitary and Executive

Protection, Security Transportation, Convoy Operations, Chemical Agents (OC/CN Projectors) Certification, Baton/Impact Weapon Certification, Apprehension/Handcuffing Course, Defensive Tactics and PPTC, Physical Security Principals, Supervision and Leadership, Standards of Conduct for Security Officers, Use of Force in accordance with law and agency policy, Communication Procedures, Liability and Legal Aspects, Public Relations, Report Writing, Introduction to Terrorism, Security Patrolling, Incident Command System (ICS), National Incident Command System (NIMS) and Fire Prevention.


ROTM Electronic Security Division and Remote Monitoring Center operators are highly trained in all the technical aspects of remote monitoring and surveillance techniques.

Electronic surveillance is a proven security force multiplier when trained security operators are virtually patrolling and utilizing the monitoring tools to prevent and gather information. Our state-of-the-art surveillance systems can detect suspicious behavior and activities in real time to prevent and respond to incidents as they occur.


ROTM Consulting Services Division provides security consulting necessary to effectively protect personnel or company assets responsibly. Our Senior Security Consultants use their knowledge and expertise to assess possible security threats and breaches to assist in developing comprehensive contingency protocols and security plans before, during and after violations occur. Our consultants will work as part of the client’s Staff, as Chief Security Officer, Manager or Head of Security within the company. Their primary responsibilities will include: Analyzing the client’s assets and identifying which security measures are needed, establishing emergency and security protocols and policies, enterprise risk management, designing security plans to protect the client’s data, meeting with clients, vulnerability tests, researching the latest security standards, and building a team of security specialists for the company.