GIS Solutions

Aerial Mapping


Rock of the Marne LLC has evolved to the use of UAV for different projects, gathering substantial experience managing aerial projects. We are very familiar with all the aspects of relating aerial data with ground data. Team Rock of the Marne has mapping capabilities that we frequently employ. With the experience we have managing aerial projects, we will pick and manage the best team for your project. We can provide any type of mapping from LIDAR to LAMP to high accuracy digital terrain modeling.

3D Laser Scanning


3D Laser scanning creates an organized, highly accurate, digital representation of a subject quickly and efficiently. This new and emerging technology allows for the 3D digital acquisition of objects in the form of geo-referenced and geometrically correct point clouds. These clouds can then be reconstructed to give them a surface, and rendered with colors or images added to give a realistic texture to the 3D model. The accuracy of the laser together with the precision of high resolution images makes laser scanning surveys realistic and complete. Rock of the Marne's 3D laser scanning technology can provide a detailed spatial representation of particularly complex objects, in unreachable survey locations. 

Building Information Modeling (BIM)


Rock of the Marne is prepared for the future of CAD: intelligent drawings.  Our BIM (Building Information

Modeling) offers engineers and architects CAD drawings with intelligence, which is easily determined during the design phase. Existing structures with little or no design and/or as-built information offer a difficult situation.  Existing conditions must be gathered.  Scanning offers the BIM modeler the CAD portion of the BIM model and a step in the right direction with the high definition color imagery.  Our combination of the modeled point cloud, imagery and site visit allows construction professionals, engineers and architects to create BIM’s of existing conditions.